Lauren Abramowitz's professional philosophy of skin care and anti-aging reflects her personal belief in balance, healing, and positive thinking.   She chose to call her practice Park Avenue Skin Solutions because of her natural instinct to focus on the most creative and positive ways to solve problems. 

Lauren's approach to treatment is collaborative: she and her patients identify short- and long-term goals to achieve desired results.  Though her approach employs the latest therapies, like dermal fillers, neurotoxin injections, chemical peels, and laser surgery, what sets Lauren apart is her artistry.  "Though the work is technical, it is also extremely aesthetic," she explains.

In a field sometimes marked by almost cartoonish excess, Lauren's work is more nuanced, combining the highest regard for safety and efficacy with two words you don't hear often in regard to cosmetic dermatology: moderation and mindfulness.  In work, as in life, Lauren is highly influenced by Eastern concepts and considers herself, first and foremost, a healer of the skin.  

Lauren agrees with the adage that beauty begins on the inside.  "My role as a practitioner is to support my patient's goals of self-actualization, but to guide them in a way that is natural and healthy."